Superintendent’s Office

Dear School Families, Staff, and Community Members,

The coming school year is going to be great!  When our students walk through the doors of their schools in the fall, they will be offered new opportunities.  Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Schools is a district committed to our students having whatever it takes to reach their highest potential.

Proof of our work is evident in the strong relationships between staff and students, our focus on raising our academic achievement, the sounds of our diverse learners working together, the pride of our Robotics Program at the high school who have won international awards, and the smiles of our High School students as they accept their many scholarships and realize they have already earned college credit.  The list goes on with college and career readiness programs, fine and performing arts, competitive sports in the middle and high school, and a move towards state of the art technology district-wide.  I urge you to check out our website for more detailed information on the multitude of opportunities available.

Melvindale is also expanding courses and programs at the high school level to further prepare our students for a global society.  The 2016-2017 school  year will be the first year that the High School will have the CTE program.  These classes will combine learning concepts and how to apply them to actual careers all the while functioning in the high school setting.  These concepts will be the next step in not only their education, but also their career path and are the result of our innovative and caring staff and our district’s strong relationship with local businesses and community leaders.

Melvindale-Northern Allen Park’s success is a testament to the enduring dedication of the district’s students, teachers, staff, and parents along with an abiding devotion of the entire Melvindale Community in making the education of our young people a top priority.  The collaborative spirit that exists among our city, businesses, community groups, and Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Public Schools makes our community a beacon for families and businesses alike. 

The students in our school system today will be the leaders and the innovators of tomorrow, entrusted to care for our world and raise the next generation of compassionate world citizens.  It is our responsibility as Melvindale-Northern Allen Park educators, students, families, and community members to ensure they are ready to shoulder those responsibilities.


Dr. Kimberly Soranno