Student Device Pickup Make-Up Dates

If you have not picked up your student device yet, please make an appointment (one appointment per family) for one of our make-up dates. Our make-up device pickup dates will be held on Tuesday September 1st, Wednesday September 2nd, and Thursday September 3rd from 4 P.M to 7 P.M. at Allendale Elementary School. Students must be present with their families in order to check out a device.
We will be following the same procedure that we did last week at device pick-up. You must schedule an appointment via the form below in order to pickup your device. All parents/guardians, even those that do not need a device are required to set up an appointment to meet with our technology department, this is to ensure your child has the correct login information and is able to access all programs needed for this school year. A parent/guardian is required to sign all paperwork for their student.
To schedule an appointment (one appointment per family) for pickup at Allendale Elementary School visit  
Only one family will be allowed per classroom for deployment. Social distancing measures will be in effect for all participants, our families, and our staff. Masks are required to be worn at all times. All family units will be required to maintain a 6 foot social distancing perimeter from other families.