Strong Middle School Student Locker Update

Dear Families,
With cold weather conditions approaching, we understand the need to wear proper attire to and from school each day, and having a place to store the outerwear during the school day. This week, Central Office approved the use of lockers for our Strong Middle School students.
In an effort to minimize students congregating, and in turn potentially spreading the coronavirus, many school districts including Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Public Schools are limiting when students can use their lockers.
Beginning this week, our students will be able to begin using their lockers. Locker use will be limited to the beginning of the day and the end of the day to store any outside attire (coats, boots, etc.). Due to social distancing concerns, lockers will not be used during passing time and will be provided to students upon request.
Thank you for your continued support and being part of our cardinal family.
Donald Fish
Principal, Strong Middle School 
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