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COVID-19 Updates

This page is dedicated to keep our families informed on the latest developments regarding our updates due to COVID-19. Here you will find the latest COVID-19 district information regarding the 2020-2021 school year in addition to several helpful resources for our students and families.
Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Schools
COVID-19 School Associated Cases
Date Added MelNAP Building Affected Number of Positive Cases
2-14-2022 Central Office 1
2-14-2022 Melvindale HS 1
2-14-2022 Allendale Elementary 1
2-14-2022 Rogers Early Elementary 2
1-24-2022 Allendale Elementary 1
1-24-2022 Rogers Early Elementary 1
1-4-2022 Melvindale HS 2
1-4-2022 Strong Middle School 2
1-4-2022 Allendale Elementary 1
1-4-2022 Rogers Early Elementary 1
11-18-2021 Melvindale HS 2
11-18-2021 Rogers Early Elementary 2
11-4-2021 Melvindale HS 5
10-21-2021 Rogers Early Elementary 3
10-21-2021 Allendale Elementary 2
10-21-2021 Strong Middle School 2
10-21-2021 Melvindale HS 3
9-29-2021 Strong Middle School 1
9-29-2021 Allendale Elementary 1
9-28-2021 Melvindale HS 1
9-28-2021 Allendale Elementary 2
9-10-2021 Strong Middle School 1
3-18-2021 Melvindale HS 5
2-11-2021 Melvindale HS 2
10-15-2020 Allendale Elementary 1
10-15-2020 Strong Middle School 1
Last Updated: 2-14-2022

The Melvindale-Norther Allen Park Schools Family Resource Guide is a compilation of resources to help our district families in need. You will find information contained within this guide for local assistance in topics ranging from emergency information, housing/shelter, utility services, technology/internet services, medical services, and much more.
Family Resource Guide English
Meal distribution has been continued throughout the summer and will run on Wednesdays starting at 12 p.m. Please enter through the Strong Middle School driveway and proceed to the meal pickup station in front of Allendale Elementary. More information will be coming soon regarding meal distribution for the 2020-2021 school year.