Dr. Kimberly Soranno - Superintendent

Dr. Kimberly Soranno has been dedicated to the Melvindale-Northern Allen Park School District for 34 years! Dr. Soranno earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Mercy College and her Master’s Degree & Ed Specialist Degree from Eastern Michigan University. She then earned her Doctorate at Wayne State University in 1997 all the while teaching elementary school. She has taught at Palmer, Strong Middle School and Evans School. Doctor Soranno also continues to teach at Wayne State University in their Doctoral Program as an adjunct professor. She began this in 2003 and continues to teach one of two classes each semester, Supervision of Instruction, or Staff Development and School Improvement.
After 13 years of teaching in the Melvindale-Northern Allen Park School District Dr. Soranno accepted a position as the Principal of Rogers Early Elementary School where she stayed for 7 years. She then also held the positions of Strong Middle School Principal and then Curriculum Director. In Spring, 2016, Dr. Soranno was awarded Superintendent/Curriculum Director for the District.

Dr. Soranno has worn many different hats in diverse positions, her one constant goal has been to do whatever is best for the students! She started All Day Kindergarten at Rogers Early Elementary, she also brought Reading Recovery, along with exciting fun things for students like Pumpkin Night, Caroling Night and The Storybook Ball.
As Superintendent, Dr. Soranno along with her very committed School Board and Administrative Staff, has gotten the whole School District Systems certified with Advanced Education. She and the Board of Education have also instituted an advanced Technology Department with four in-house Technology Coaches, and a Director. We now have 5 Bi-lingual Coaches and a Bi-lingual Department, 5 Reading Coaches, 2 Math Coaches, and a Data Coach all paid through grant money and created and supported with Dr. Soranno's guidance. The High School proudly houses a CTE program, as well as Early College all happening within the last four years.
We offer a very supportive, customer focused school district for our families and students. Dr. Soranno believes that students will always come first and supports the work that her staff does for the children in our district. Our students' emotional and social well being comes first along with their education. We are here to support and guide!