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MelNAP Technology Services is a full customer service-oriented Technology Department serving all technology needs across the MelNAP School District, both academic and non-academic. We strive to drive student success. The Department consists of two branches, a traditional Technology Department branch as well as an Instructional Technology branch. The Technology Team is working with all staff members to create a technology support system to ensure that our families and staff have the support that they need and deserve.


  1. Please look in the “Essential Resources - Technology and Internet” section of the District's “MelNAP Family Resource Guide” found on the “Family Resources” page under the “Family” menu of the District web page. This resource guide will be updated to contain the latest information.
  2. The District is aware of the digital divide. Our 1:1 program is the first step in ensuring all of our students have better access to information through the internet. We are currently working on solutions to help reduce the digital divide revolving around access to the internet.
  1. Students
    1. A multi-tiered process is coming soon!
  2. Staff
    1. Technology Help Desk
      1. All staff who are using a school owned windows laptop have an icon on their desktop called “Technology Help Desk”. The Technology Help Desk will take you to the ticket system to create a help request
      2. All staff who are using a school-owned Chromebook have a Chrome browser bookmark labeled “Technology Help Desk”. The Technology Help Desk will take you to the ticket system to create a help request. We will process the request as quickly as possible.
      3. Unable to use the Help Desk?
        1. If you are having problems using the service desk, please call the appropriate member of the technology team. If you are unsure who to call, call any of us and we will ensure you get to the correct person.
          1. Mr. Patterson (Hardware, Software, and Login Issues) at extension 1365.
          2. Mrs. Pruner (Student Information System - MiStar, Pupil Accounting, and Website) at extension 3305.
      4. Emergencies - Unable to get service or in case of emergencies? Please contact Mr. Bright on his mobile phone.