Superintendent’s Office

Dear School Families, Staff, and Community Members, Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I am excited to be starting this school year with all of you! This truly has been an amazing and busy summer, as we continue building our Cardinal Stadium.  In addition to the work on our Cardinal Stadium, please let me take a moment to share just a few of the projects that were accomplished this summer:
  • Wall details added in Strong’s gym
  • Trailer purchased for the Robotics Team
  • GM updated the Melvindale High School Band Room
  • Several classrooms carpeted at Melvindale High School and Strong
  • Roger’s front lobby re-carpeted
  • Secure entry installed at Central Office
  • All Strong security cameras updated
Once again, I would like to share our sincere appreciation of the long hours and commitment of our Director of Operations, Elfi Hervey, custodial staff, building engineers, technology crew, and ground crew.  Through their hard work and our community’s commitment to Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Community Schools, we truly have the best facilities in the State of Michigan. We have a school board that truly values our youngest citizens.  They are committed to providing a safe learning environment, state-of-the-art technology, and a curriculum that meets the needs of our diverse learners.  This school board is committed to our students having whatever is needed to reach their highest potential. Our staff works hard to build strong relationships with each other, our community, and our students.  We are focused on raising our academic achievement, and supporting the work of our students.  Our young learners have access to state-of-the-art technology every day in their classrooms, as well as STEAM classes K-8.  In addition, we have STEM clubs after school.  We have a deep pride of our Robotics Program at the high school; they have won international awards.  Our CTE program offers a multitude of opportunities for our students to experience the world of technology, business, and engineering.  We have opportunities for our high school students to participate in dual enrollment at Baker College and Early Middle College, which is a 5-year program where our students can graduate in their 13th year with an Associate’s Degree.  We experience the pleasure of witnessing the smiles of our high school students as they accept their many scholarships and realize they have already earned college credit.  The list goes on with college-and-career readiness programs, fine-and-performing arts, competitive sports in the middle and high school, and moves toward state-of-the-art technology district-wide.  I urge you to check out our website for more detailed information on the multitude of opportunities available. Melvindale-Northern Allen Park’s success is a testament to the enduring dedication of the district’s school board, students, teachers, staff, and parents, along with an abiding devotion of the entire Melvindale Community in making the education of our young people a top priority.  The collaborative spirit that exists among our city, businesses, community groups, and Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Public Schools makes our community a beacon for families and businesses alike. The students in our school system today will be the leaders and the innovators of tomorrow, entrusted to care for our world and, in turn, raise the next generation of compassionate, world citizens.  It is our responsibility as Melvindale-Northern Allen Park educators, students, families, and community members to ensure they are ready to shoulder those responsibilities. Sincerely, Dr. Kimberly Soranno Superintendent