Program Components

Program Components

These components make up the basic EL program in Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Public Schools. The design and implementation of the program components must be flexible to be able to meet the needs of an ever-changing population of EL students; however, the following characteristics will remain no matter what the delivery system may be:

  • A program that encourages acceptance and support for all EL students
  • Collaborative learning in an environment that is academically challenging
  • Expert instructional leaders and teachers with a commitment to the educational success of all students
  • High expectations for parent involvement

Regular Classroom Accommodations

In the regular classroom setting, the teacher will be required to utilize various recommended accommodations and modifications necessary to meet the needs of the individual EL student. Teachers will use strategies that provide visual clues for content and specialized vocabulary development by using graphic organizers, charts, word walls, labeling, illustrations, and other methods that reduce the amount of text a student must use to achieve understanding of content. The certified ESL endorsed teacher will be a resource for ideas and strategies for modifications and accommodations in the regular classroom. Sheltered Instruction will be the research-based and best practice approach used by classroom teachers and support staff to make academic instruction in English comprehensible to EL students.

English as a Second Language

This instruction will take place outside the regular classroom and will provide instruction using English as the main language of lesson delivery. Specialized ESL methodology will be utilized by a certified ESL endorsed teacher to assist students with English language acquisition and skills. Identified EL students will receive instruction that includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, comprehension, study skills, and cultural orientation. Materials specifically designed for the development of language proficiency will be used in this setting. Some of these materials include picture dictionaries, leveled books, and computer applications. The frequency and intensity of the service provided will vary depending on the English language proficiency level and academic needs of the student.

Supplemental Support

Additional instructional support will be provided to all identified EL students at every grade level. This component will utilize Title I and 31-A support staff, aides, and paraprofessionals; tutors, and volunteers. Support staff will be given appropriate training, materials, and supervision.