Program Description

Program Description

To meet the academic and linguistic needs of our rapidly growing English Learner population, immigrant and beginning EL students will receive a second layer of ELA instruction from a certified, bilingual and/or ESL-endorsed teacher. The goal of this program is acquisition of English language skills so that the EL student can succeed in an English-only mainstream classroom. All instruction is delivered in English with some native language support.

Grades K-5: Structured English Immersion (SEI) Model

Immigrant, Basic, and Low Intermediate students are placed in a half-day English immersion classroom for no more than one year. This is a transitional program whereby students will be mainstreamed into a regular classroom based on formative and summative assessments, WIDA proficiency, NWEA, MLPP, and/or STAR Reading performance scores. Supplemental support is also provided by Title I or 31a support teachers pushing into the regular classrooms.

Transitioning from the Immersion (SEI Model).

In order for a student to transition from the SEI classroom, they must be screened by the bilingual or ESL endorsed teacher. There will be multiple units of measurements for oral language proficiency and foundational literacy skills.

Grades 6-12: English as a Second Language (ESL) Model

EL students receive two opportunities (i.e. hours) of ELA instruction from certified teachers pursuing an ESL endorsement. In addition, bilingual support teachers are assigned to each of these classrooms. Supplemental language and academic support is also provided by Title I or 31a support staff pushing into their other core classes. Their assessments come through various common assessments, WIDA proficiency, NWEA, BRI, and/or STAR performance scores.