Clubs and Groups

Looking to get more involved?  Check out one of our Clubs to join!

Bully Buster Crew

Bully Buster Program is a program that models positive behavior and empowers students to feel comfortable reporting bullying behavior. At the beginning of the year, every student is sent with a Parent/Student compact that must be signed by both parties; promising a commitment for a safe school.  The BBC meets every other week, twice a month with assigned teachers.  Counselors are Ms. Tonya Kujat and Ms. Laura Dolinski.

Math Counts

Math Counts meets every Wednesday after school until 3:40 pm. They solve problems that seem impossible, and end each meeting with a team building challenge. Each season is approximately from mid-October to the end of March. There is one competition practice competition in Strong's library, and one regional competition in Strong's cafe. 


What is Ophelia?

Mrs. Kujat, School Social Worker, at Strong Middle School has a teen talk group available for female students in the seventh and eighth grades. It is an educational support group that meets weekly after school for female adolescents that are feeling the pain of peer pressure.

Group Talk

The Reviving Ophelia Group at Strong Middle School will discuss such topics as the following (but not limited to): self-esteem, peer pressure, healthy relationships, alcohol/drugs, depression, sexual harassment, sexually transmitted diseases, bullying, dating, media messages, friendships, violence, look-obsessions, etc. The group leader and group members chose variety of topics that are discussed during the meetings.


Any parent or school staff member can recommend a student for this group. Referrals will go to Mrs. Kujat. Once a student is referred, Mrs. Kujat will contact the parent and get parent permission. The Ophelia group meets every Tuesdays after school (2:45pm) to 4:00pm. This is an openended group, meaning that seventh and eighth grade girls can join at any point in the school year.