District School Improvement and Technology Plan

To ensure that ALL students learn, Melvindale-Northern Allen Park (Mel-NAP) has taken effective and appropriate integration of technology in order to offer opportunities to improve educational experiences for all students. The school district is aware of the rapidly changing nature of technology and its components. The classroom is the primary place where this preparation will occur. Therefore, every classroom must be equipped with diverse technologies to support teaching and learning while every teacher must be knowledgeable and skillful in the use of these technologies in daily instruction.

We envision schools where technology is used by the teacher and learner to the fullest extent possible and provide increased educational opportunities for our special populations, including English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities. It is technology which will enable students to access and process information, think creatively and critically, solve problems, communicate effectively and live productive lives in the twenty-first century.

The resulting learning environments should prepare students to:

  • Access information in a variety of ways
  • Communicate using the global network
  • Integrate technology into their everyday lives
  • Increase knowledge in an ever changing and diverse world
  • Become self-directed learners
  • Promote interaction in ethical and appropriate ways
  • Learn how to use technology to communicate between peers, teachers, parents, and outside agencies

Technology will be integrated into the curriculum. Teachers and students will use appropriate technology to solve problems, gain access to a wide variety of resources within and beyond the school, and to demonstrate their proficiency in all content areas.

District Technology Vision:

We are committed to fully integrating technology into our learning culture.

District Goals:


  • Integrate technology standards and benchmarks throughout the curriculum in accordance with established district curricular content and district school improvement plan.
  • Demonstrate technology skills in curricular areas throughout the student’s K-12 experience.
  • Increase student achievement through technology integration.
  • Teachers will collaborate with community members to provide “real-world” experiences.

Professional Development

  • Provide continual staff development opportunities based upon predetermined standards for technology use district-wide.


  • Ensure district technology is accessible, easy to use, safe and meets curriculum/standards based needs to promote technology integration and student achievement

Funding and Budget

  • Provide on-going fiscal support thru general fund and availability of grants, donations, and other funding opportunities.

Technical Support

  • Support and assist teachers, staff, and students to ensure that all hardware, software, and network resources can be utilized into the learning environment.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitor and evaluate continuously to ensure that technology is being utilized in a way that best enhances teaching and learning.
District Technology Plan